LAM Family Farm

Happy Chickens, Fresh Eggs!

Selling Eggs

So we have built up eggs enough to begin to sell some.  The eggs will be offered for $5.00 a dozen.  Why so expensive you ask.  Here is why.  Are chickens are happy chickens.  Now when I say that I mean compared to chickens that are grown in CAFOS(Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation), my chickens are very happy.  They are protected by chicken tractors.  They are on grass.  Moved every couple of days.  They can eat grass and bugs and they do.  They can dust themselves in the dirt and they do.  They eat very expensive organic food from Tractor Supply.  Taking care of these chickens is hard work.  Moving the chicken tractors is no easy task. The supplemental Organic food we feed them is expensive.   We want to put out a very high-quality chicken egg.  I do not use any herbicides or pesticides in the chickens area.  The only place I use pesticides is around our house because of the dog-gone fire ants.

Sure you can probably buy cheaper eggs at Wal-Mart.  But let me tell you about big agriculture eggs.  Those poor chickens are kept in tiny wire cages. They cannot even move around. The chickens never ever see sunlight.  They never step their feet on grass or anything besides the wire cages.  They are kept awake by constant lighting.  They are seen as egg producing machines.

Our chickens are happy.  We can even tell their different personalities.

The money for these eggs will go to Landrie and McKaylee.  80% into the Bank and 20% they can keep.  I am trying to teach them the value of work, savings and selling.  If you can sell, you will always have a job.


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