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My Polish Chickens

My family and I were walking around the county fair last Oct.  We made our way over to the chickens and what did we see?  Some of the prettiest chickens I have ever seen.  This breed we learned is called Polish.

Polish chickens originated in Europe.  There is much debate over where exactly.  Poland?  or Netherlands.  I do not really care.  I am writing this article to tell you about my experiences with the polish.


Our Silver-Laced Polish

We have two polish chickens.  A Silver-Laced and a White Crested Rooster.  My wife and kids have given this one several names.  I am not really into naming farm animals.  I do not want a Cecil the Lion uproar when it is this chickens time to go.

The major thing I have noticed is that the beautiful crown of feathers on her head really obscures her vision.  When I let the chickens out of they’re chicken tractors, I have noticed that she often appears lost.  She is off by herself.  Sometimes she lets out a distress cluck.  Sometimes she gets spooked real easy.  However most of the time you can sneak up right behind her.

IMG_20150811_192636650As you can see I am within just a few feet of this chicken.  She has no idea I am behind her.  Polish Chickens are definitely not survival chickens.  This is particularly bad on this little farm as we do not have fencing up around the property to keep out predators.  as a result over the years we have had a lot of chickens killed by foxes and neighbor’s dogs.  When I do let them out of there chicken tractors I have to stand guard over them….like a Shepard.  A Chicken Shepard?

This is the only chicken we have that lays a white egg.  The eggs seem really white.  I think our customers prefer brown eggs.

We have enjoyed raising this polish from a chick to the white egg layer she has become.


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One thought on “My Polish Chickens

  1. This blog post is my favorite. Sneaking up on the poor floofy-headed chicken. Hahaha!


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