LAM Family Farm

Happy Chickens, Fresh Eggs!

Thoughts from the farm

After having raised chickens for a number of years I have to say the chickens that we have now are by far the easiest to contain.  I usually let the chickens out of their chicken tractors in the evening.  So when it starts to get dark they go back inside themselves.  This save me time and energy.  I have to stay out with them.  We do not have a fence around the property yet.  So I have to guard them.  The chickens that I have now are so nice.  I can herd them toward their chicken tractor and they will go on in.  They are so nice and cooperative.  I have started letting them out more frequently because of this odd behavior. 
We are still getting small eggs.  I am puzzled by these small eggs.  I had dreams of starting an egg empire.  Not with these chics!


I am looking into a portable electric chicken fencing. I need these chickens to be able to process a larger area at a time.  Chickens are efficient workers.  They constantly scratch the ground foraging for food.  What they basically do is a shallow till.  They eat bugs.  I wish they would eat these fire ants. 
These chickens eat the vegetation.  The longer I leave them in one place the more they do.  When I want to plant something I practice the “scorched earth” policy.  I leave them in the same place for a week or longer.  They till, fertilize and eat all the vegetation.  I have a square of bare soil. 
I really like this group I have now.


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