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Mail-Order Chickens?

So I get asked often, “You can send chickens through the mail?”. Yes you can. I am surprised that others are surprised by this. City people are the most shocked, bless them.  We have ordered chicks several times over the years. “Why order online?” ” Why not just go to tractor supply or a local place to get your chickens?” Well I have done both. We have bought and sold chickens through We have bought them from Tractor supply and other locally owned feed stores. The main reason I buy online is that I can get exactly what I want. I can get the exact breed that I want. The local stores sell the most popular breeds like Rhode Island reds, silkies, breeds like that. I wanted to raise some Polish chickens. Our tiny little micro-business is egg oriented but we saw these polish chickens at the county fair one year and I wanted at least one rooster. They are so beautiful.
So our latest chickens-by-mail order consisted of 5 Rhode Island Red hens, 5 Barred Plymouth Rock hens, and 5 polish straight-runs (which means prolly all roosters!) The minimum order is 15 chickens. It has to be 15 order minimum so that their body heat will help keep them warm during the transport.
So the first step to ordering online is to find a website. I have ordered from and I have not had any problems from either site.  Customer service for both has been excellent.     So as with any other online retail, you pick out what you want then buy it.  For me it actually took over a month to ship.  I ordered ten hens and a straight run of three different breeds.  They are generally shipped the day they hatch so i am guessing it takes some planning on there part.

The company will give you an estimated shipping date.  My shipping date was set back another week.  It is no problem for me as I am ready for them.

I did recieve an email when they finally did ship them out.  I immediately called my post office.  I told them I have chics coming and gave them my phone number.  Two days later I got a phone call at 0830!  My chicks were in!

I could hear the babies chirping or cheeping as soon as I walked into our post office.  Very fun.


When they arrive it is important that you warm them.  I am using this warming element.  It is meant for reptiles but does a good job warming while allowing the chicks to sleep at night.    You should give them warm water to drink as well as plenty of food.  You actually have to put their little beaks in the water so they know its there.  They seemed to figure the feed out on their own.

So check out some websites.  Find the exact chicken breeds that you want and click away.  Raising chickens is very rewarding and really fun.


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